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I am Isa Xiaoqian Zhu, a stop-motion animator, fabricator and filmmaker who was raised in Beijing and is currently based in Los Angeles.

Holding a BFA in Art Video from Syracuse University and an MFA in Animation from the University of Southern California,  I've delved into a diverse range of various mediums. My creative palette encompasses stop-motion animation, live-action video, installation art, and digital art. This dynamic breadth fuels my enthusiasm, driving me to immerse myself in both industry projects and independent creations.

Besides directing for my personal projects, my experience includes being a puppet and set fabricator, contributing to projects such as animated TV series Shape Island and The Tiny Chef Show in Los Angeles, animation short Cang Jie and exhibition project Han Hai in Beijing. Recently, I've also created and animated stop-motion shots for live-action feature film Future Date and crafting captivating spaces for YouTube channels.

I am eager to continue pushing the boundaries of my craft, anticipating exciting possibilities and engaging collaborations ahead!

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