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Isa Xiaoqian Zhu is focusing on stop motion animation after graduating from school. 
Her past endeavors encompass a diverse spectrum, spanning animation, live-action video, and visual art.

Stop-Motion Commission Work for  Future Date Film

㌥(ง ˙˘˙ )ว㌥  Contact me for collaboration! 

(stop-motion animation)

A newborn dewdrop named Little Dew who is unintentionally kidnapped by a pair of strange leaves. Along the way, Little Dew actually becomes excited about what these huge pink leaves take him to.

Unintended Forest film scene
Hat Dweller
(2D digital animation)

A person sits by the street, drinking coffee. At his relaxing moment, the hat dweller breaks through from his hat. It is probably his first time coming out from his hat, on a mystical mission.

Feelings! Ideas!

Imagination Process
Short Film "Seek"
(live-action short video)

An experiment between self and self-work.

(watercolor on Paper)

Escaping from an inner space.

Hotel 171
The Living Room
(live-action short video)

Bonding within a family.

Feelings! Ideas!

Digital Arts
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